Sports Corner

Sports Corner


Motto - Work Hard, Play Well, Run Straigth.

Darling House was named after Canon C W Darling incumbent at the Christ Church 

between 1907 to 1915.


Motto - Thrugh Difficulties to Glory.

Downing House was also founded in the honour of another Governor of the Central Provinces dating back to 1900.


Motto - Loyalty, Honour, service.

When our school was established in 1870 we had Wardell House named after Revd. A F G Wardell, Chaplin of the Christ Church between1919 to 1923. Later it become Levi house after Miss A M Levi who served as the Head Mistress of our school for 39 years from 1907 to 1946. 


Motto - Deeds not Words.

Sinker House, originally kaown as the Sly house was founded in honour of Sir. F G Sly, Governor of the Central Provinces. It was then purple in colour. Later, the House was renamed and its colour was changed to Yellow.


Motto - ' Be Prepared '.

The main objective of the Guide movement is to inculcate and promote revrence to God and selfless service to the motherland and mankind.

Dr. Baden Powell is the fatherof the Guide and scout movement.As an officer in the British Army, he was an inspiring leader. During the siege of mafeking (a small town inn South Africa), the small British garrison was attacked by Africans and besieged for 217 days.Due to the shortage of men and supplies, Baden Powell got togather boys, gave them uniforms and formed cadet corps. Acting on order, keen and livly they proved invaluable as message bearers, ready at all times for any odd job. Back in England in 1907, he crystallized his experience into methodical and peaceful adaptation by camping with the 20 boys on Brown Sea Island. This camp was to be the beginning of the Scout and Guide movement.

In 1910, the Scout movement ccame to India. The Girl Guide Association merged on August 15, 1951. The school has the unique honour and distinction to be the first school in India to start the Girl Guide movement.The first flag was presented to the scchool by none other than Lady Baden Powell herself and PRIMUS IN INDIA written on it and it is also worth mentianing that Miss McGvire, a teacher of our school, was the first Girl Guide in India.

Girl Guide was restarted in our school in the year 2012 - 13.

The Guides shake hands with their left hand, the size of the heart and a three finger salute, as a sing of friendship. their Motto is 'Be Prepared'.