Manager's Message

Manager's Message

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to introduce myself. I am Rev. Subha Venkataram Gadi Manager of this glorious and Prestigious Institution Christ Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur.

Children are always special to the school, their presence makes the school and surroundings beautiful. They see others as the mirrors, in this area the parents and the teachers play an important role in their lives. The child always imitate the parents and teachers.

We have a responsibility to nurture them, and discipline them and to impart the knowledge to each and every child of our institution.

We strive to achieve success in their studies and to prepare them to become the great pillars of this nation according to their choice and interest.

We are always there to help and guide them to move ahead with confidence and zeal in their life.

God bless each and every child abundantly and fill with His wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Rev. Subha Venkataram Gadi