"Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn. Steve Jobs"

The Computer Laboratory can accomodate about 30 students. It is equipped with the latest level P-IV based computers , with multimedia and Internet connection available at all the systems. The Lab also has an LCD Projector for paper presentations by students. There are Scanners and Laser Printers , which help the students to maintain a hard copy of their programs and other important subject matters. It is managed under the expert guidance of Mrs. S. Arora ( P.G.T for Computer Science ).


A room full of fantasies await...

The library is the abode for more than 10,000 books on a variety of subjects such as Literature, Science, Arts, history, fiction, etc and is well furnished with newspapers, periodicals and science magazines.




The physics laboratory can accomodate 50 students at a time. All the necessary apparatus for various experiments are available. It also has a computer and models made by students themselves which are used as teaching aids for Physics, under the guidance of Mrs. S.Nair ( P.G.T - Physics ) and Mrs. A.Dixit ( T.G.T - Physics ) and Mr. S.Verma (The assistant Teacher for practicals). Students perform experiments individually to get the knowledge of the subject.


The well ventilated and spacious Chemistry laboratory provides individual workspace to 50 students at one time. It is equipped with a distillation unit, a gas unit with bunsen burners , weighing balances and various chemicals required for practicals. The students perform the experiments individually under the guidance of Mrs. A. Abraham ( P.G.T for Chemistry ) , Mrs S.L. Philips ( T.G.T) and Mr. R. Verma (The Assistant Teacher for Practicals).


The Biology Laboratory can accomodate 30 students at a time. It is equipped with a computer, various plants and animal specimens, models, well illustrated charts and the human skeletal system for the understanding of the subject. The students work individually under the expert guidance of Miss. Hu Aihsieu, P.G.T for Biology and Mrs. A. Edbrooke ( The Assistant Teacher for practicals).


The Mathematics Laboratory has been newly introduced for students of classes I to X. It can accomodate 60 students. It is equipped with various kits brought from the renowned Ramanujan Maths Laboratory, Chennai.


The Psychology Laboratory can accomodate 30 students at a time. It is equipped with standard Psychological Tests which are a requisite for practical learning of the subject. It has a computer and well illustrated charts made by students. It is managed under the expert guidance of Mrs. S. Handa ( P.G.T for Psychology ).


We pride ourselves in the fact that we provide our children with not only a strong educational foundation but also provide ample opportunities to broaden their creative abilities as well.

Our children are active participants in every function organized by the school.

Our staff carefully selects gifted children from various aspects of creative arts and helps these children bring out their best in performances to regale parents and spectators with their skill and passion for the arts.

We celebrate our Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers Day, Founder's Day, Sports Day and Christmas Day celebrations with all our children with great pomp and fervor with active participation from all our children in various capacities.


Two periods per week are set aside for games for classes I - XII . During these two periods the girls who are desirous of learning Indian Classical Dance can pursue this aspect of Fine Arts at a prescribed fee of Rs. 500/- per year .

There are two periods per week meant for work experience,which is prescribed under the new education policy of the country. Computer Education starts in class I and is compulsory up to class X. An additional fee of Rs. 100 per month is charged from class I- X for Computer Education. From class XI onwards Computer Education is optional.

A special period is set aside everyday for fruitful co-curricular activities from July to March. The students are engaged in learning Indian Classical and Group Dance , Karate, Yoga, Vocal Music, Craft, Handwork and so on. They also participate in dramatics, debate, elocution, games etc. All these activities culminate in their performances at the time of the Annual Prize Distribution, Sports Day and Annual School Exhibition