About The School

About The School

The Christ Church Girls' School owes its name to the Christ Church Cathedral, where it made its humble beginning, on 1st June 1870. The school began with just six students. It has come a long way since then and now has more than 2400 girls. The school strictly adheres to the rules made by the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) and maintains an ideal Teacher-Pupil Ratio.

At Present the School functions under the Board of Education Church of North India, Jabalpur Diocese.

Under its Education Expansion Programme, the School has grown in size with large, well ventilated classrooms, spacious staff rooms, a well equipped library, and laboratories for Computers, Mathematics and the Sciences. It has a large library which caters to the need of students of different age groups.

In order to bring out the multi-faceted talent in its students, the School encourages various co-curricular activities like sports, music, dancing and the like. The School has a large playing field and it trains students in Athletics, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Table Tennis and Badminton. Apart from the regular Physical Education Teachers, the School also arranges special part-time coaches as well for various sports. The School is Proud to proclaim that its athletic and games teams have brought laurels to the School at the CBSE Cluster and National Meets weth unfailing regularity.

The School also provides special training in Karate, Indian/ Classical Dance (Kathak) and Vocal Music. The Audio-Visual room proves that learning is fun. Regular Yoga & Karate classes are held in the Activity Period under the supervision of a well qualified Instructors.

We have a troop of the Girl Guides and the girls are trained under able Guide Instructors. It is observed that children today are unfortunately subjected to many avoidable stresses and strains, which at times have serious consequences. The School has senced this dire nee and counselling facilities, under a well qualified Counsellor, help the students overcome their various psychological problems.

The School also realizes its duty of creating awarness among its students towards their environment and insists on cleanliness and the beauty of its surroundings. We have many play stations, beautiful gardens with colourful flowers and a number of trees of different types which inculcate in all the students a love for nature and a desire to preserve the environment. The greenery also provides a soothing atmosphere where learning becomes enjoyable.

The School is of the opinion that morality is the foundation of purposeful life. The integrated school programmes and activities are interwoven with positive values so that the child can constantly imbibe moral values through all the activities she performs. Dance, drama, Fine Art, Handicraft, Elocution, Debating and many such activities that are encouraged by the School help children acquire sensitivity, aesthetic sence, confidence and a balanced personality, the National festivals are celebrated with great zeal and patriotism.

Above all, the School has a well qualified dtaff who teach children with extreame care, love and dedication. The success of our students bears ample testimony to this.